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LACMA Damascus Room

A glimpse inside LACMA's Damascus room as the cleaning process has been started.

03  /  2015

LACMA’s New Damascus Room

LACMA purchases Damascus Room from Robert Haber and Associates, with the help of Saudi Center for World Culture

01  /  2015

The Potters of Hebron

Mr. Robert Haber recently was invited to Goucher college to give a lecture as part of the Irwin C. Schroedl series on one of his films "The Potters of Hebron"

04  /  2014

Master Art- Robert Haber and Associates

Robert Haber & Associates consists of experts in conservation, art history and archaeology. It is headed by Robert Haber, an internationally known dealer in antiquities for over 25 years.

09  /  2013

Ancient Dreams

Greek and Roman artworks, among the greatest expressions of the human imagination, are both available and affordable.

06  /  2013

Who Bought the Guennol Lioness?

The above headline is a shameless tease, because I don’t know the answer…yet.

12  /  2007