How We Work

With Museums

Robert Haber & Associates Ancient Art recognizes that provenance is a critical issue when museums acquire a work of ancient art.  By adhering to our own standards of due diligence, we examine all manner of academic research, public records and proprietary resources cataloging past sales before a work of art is ever offered to an institution for acquisition.  This practice allows us to uncover the most complete provenance possible and therefore offer a work with confidence.

Having established a reputation for our scholarly research, we utilize an extensive in-house library and a broad network of public and private art historical and archaeological resources.  Objects are researched to the highest academic standards to provide detailed physical descriptions, iconographic studies, stylistic comparanda and historical parallels.

Works of ancient art are examined using the most up-to-date methods by leading scientists, which may include rigorous testing in the fields of forensics, material analysis and conservation. Years of experience in our field have allowed us to build a network of well-respected specialists that are considered authorities in their field of study as well. Together, we are able to provide the most thorough authenticity documentation possible.

Through this approach, we work in concert with museum curators to provide them with as much information as possible before they present a work of ancient art to their directors and boards of trustees.




With Private Collectors

At Robert Haber & Associates Ancient Art, private collectors can expect the same level of professionalism that we show our museum clients. Due diligence, research and scientific analyses are conducted to the same standards.

We assist private collectors in purchasing a single piece or in creating and developing entire collections. We work with our clients to establish their collecting goals and we discuss individual guidelines.  In addition, we advise clients in the maintenance of their collections in regards to conservation matters, mounting and installation.